Illustration of Design Evocatio, or falling in love with a new Roman God

1. Design Evocatio

When Roman generals aimed to conquer a new city, they had plenty of technological tools and tactics, but one of the most interesting ones is a spiritual technique that rarely gets discussed: Evocatio.

Evocatio was a ritual in which the invading Roman army would adopt and worship the Gods of…

Nighthawk’s by Edward Hopper


[Warning: Spoilers]

”Film Noir is the poetry of disillusionment and existentialism. It’s the real grittiness that comes out of American realism — those films that channel the same spirit as Edward Hopper.” –Guillermo del Toro

I used to believe the American Dream was real. Maybe not in our time, but…

You against the world

Have you ever encountered an article online that pushed your buttons and you had to reshare? Each keystroke pressed so loudly that everyone near you knows you must be upset. “THIS IS WHY COVID WILL NEVER END,”… You add as commentary. Maybe you engaged in a debate online with “venetianmage”…

Oscar von Hauske

Product Design • Philosophy • 🗽 🇲🇽 •

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